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Contractor Services


Professional builders have relied on Hiawassee Hardware for over seventy years. That’s because Hiawassee Hardware understands what it takes to get the job done.


Things like watching industry trends and expanding our product lines to meet those trends or finding newer and more efficient ways to serve our customers. This is what it takes to stay on the cutting edge.


If there is a product or service that you are in need of please, let us know. Our knowledgeable staff believes that superior customer service is the only kind of service that you and your company deserve. So, no matter your specialty, traditional, custom or green building, Hiawassee Hardware is here to serve you in the best way we can.


Start To Finish


When you partner with Hiawassee Hardware on a job, your salesperson will work side by side with you to its completion. They will be ready to answer any questions you may have, but mostly they’re here to make sure you meet your deadlines. And like you, they are in it to get the job done and done right. You can count us to get your materials to the site correct and ready to go.


Estimates & Blueprint Takeoffs


The team at Hiawassee Hardware is always on the job. We’re ready to put together your building materials list to your specifications. No matter how big or complicated.


Phone ahead or bring your material list into the yard and we'll provide you with a fast, free estimate. Our expert sales staff can provide you blueprint takeoffs and engineered lumber beam specifications so you can be sure that you have all the right materials when you need them.


Need something 'out of the ordinary'? Just tell your salesperson and if it can be gotten, we’ll get it.




Time is money, so why make unnecessary trips to the lumberyard? We deliver directly to your jobsite. We provide standard next-day delivery on any size job. We can even deliver the same day when you get your orders in before 11am. Hiawassee Hardware will get the products you need, where you need them, dependably and reliably.


Drive Thru Warehouse (Load & Go)


To better serve you, we feature a convenient indoor drive thru warehouse! It’s the easiest way to pick up anything building related without even getting out of your vehicle!


Simply drive your vehicle into our warehouse to make purchasing and loading building materials fast, convenient and weather-proof. Helpful employees will load your materials while you simply drives through our well-stocked facility.


No more struggling to carry materials out to the car or truck; no more loading them without help. Where else would you find superior service like that?


Serving our customers is what we do best, and we love doing it!


Drive thru service available during regular business hours.

See the Commercial Credit page for more services.

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