The Ninth Annual Georgia Mountain Eggfest


Don't miss the 9th Annual Georgia Mountain EggFest Saturday, May 18, 2019 in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. Located in the most scenic of venues, this event will host cooks and tasters from all over the United States and Canada. Be sure to check out Mountain Eggfest's website to purchase tickets or for more details about the event!



Demo Egg Ordering and Pickup

If you are interested in purchasing a Egg that has been gently used for one day with some significant savings, a demo egg is the way to go! All of the demo Egg packages are supplied by Hiawassee Hardware and can be pre-ordered by calling Brenda McKinney or the associates at Hiawassee Hardware at 706-896-3201. Please note, all sales are final and there are no refunds.

Each package will include: a Big Green Egg, Egg Nest, Tel-Tru External Temperature Gauge, Ceramic Damper Top, Dual Function Metal Top, and Stainless Steel Mesh Draft Door. If you wish to purchase additional Big Green Accessories, they will be available at a 10% discount with the purchase of an Egg.

Taking Your New Egg Home

All demo eggs will be ready for pick up after the last tasty bites are cooked. Please bring everything you need to secure your Egg in your vehicle and meet us at the front gate by 5:00 PM on May 18th, 2019. There will be staff members to help you load and secure your Egg for travel.

For detailed specifications on each egg, go to:

**Note** This year we are offering two free taster tickets with each egg purchase ($60.00 value). Please contact us for options and additional pricing.


Demo Egg Prices





XLarge BGE with Nest

  - $331.00  Eggfest Instant Savings Coupon*


Large BGE with Nest

  - $284.00  Eggfest Instant Savings Coupon



 - $73.00  Eggfest Instant Savings Coupon


* Instant Savings Coupon applied at purchase

** No nest available for Minimax

Visit the event website for more details, schedule, free classes and more.

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